Nature + Science = Results

Australia has one of the harshest environments on the planet for human skin. Montaser Cosmeceuticals’ have developed highly efficient formulas that are composed of active molecules designed specifically to combat the effects of free radicals.
The key is our ingredients

Carrot Stem Cell™

From the dancing molecules, the kinetic movement of nature for a powerful active.

Natural Peptides

These are the primary building block of all living tissue and are gentle on the skin.

Native Plants

Native Australian plants and extracts are incredibly rich in skin replenishing ingredients.

Dead Sea Minerals

These minerals contain a unique blend of minerals found in no other place on earth.

Montaser – Immunising your skin against time

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Corrective Serums

Eye Treatments

Lip Treatments

Protect and Repair

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A word from Dr Bruce Fox – Laser & Cosmetic Surgeon

I have used many topicals for my patients over a period of many years not only for skin problems but also simply for the maintenance of good skin quality against the ravages of time. I have found the ‘Montaser’ products refreshingly different. They are formulated from botanical ingredients, many of them of unique Australian origin, in compatible combinations and efficacious concentrations. I would not hesitate to recommend it to my patients.
Dr Bruce Fox

Laser & Cosmetic Surgery