about montaser

“Our clients have had astonishing results within weeks of using Montaser products and are extremely happy. Montaser’s product range contain only natural ingredients, so you dont have to compromise your health to acheive great skin”

Alison Gray

Owner of Beau Alijon Melbourne & Registered Cosmetic Injecting Nurse

About Us

Montaser Cosmeceuticals is an Australian skin care company that is based in Melbourne. Australia has one of the harshest environments on the planet for human skin. Montaser Cosmeceuticals’ have developed highly efficient formulas that are composed of active molecules designed specifically to combat the effects of free radicals.

It is because our formulas have been designed to treat skin conditions in the harshest of environments that they have proven so effective for any environment. This is why our products are a perfect choice for anyone who needs a complete skin care solution.

Montaser Cosmeceuticals  products are 100% Australian made from natural ingredients that are sourced in Australia. These scientifically proven formulas will help to combat the signs of aging by treating unwanted conditions like wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and dark areas forming under the eyes.Montaser’s revolutionary cosmeceuticals use Carrot Stem Cell™ peptides and vitamins to transform cosmetic science, making traditional treatments involving complicated surgeries and painful injections a thing of the past.All Montaser cosmeceuticals active ingredients are carried on a patented delivery system developed by Dr.Monty (the brain behind the brand) where active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin in order to fulfill their function at a target site.Montaser Cosmeceuticals formulated creams are scientifically proven to rejuvenate your skin. With daily and prescribed use you will notice significant and measurable results in just under one month. They work by building up and repairing your skins delicate DNA structure, one cell at a time.

To enhance the process we mix carrot stem cell™ peptides and vitamins with a deeply nourishing blend of the finest organic ingredients. Included in our creams are extracts from Native Australian plants that have evolved to flourish in our harsh sunlight conditions. Quondong and Lilly Pilly are two prized resources used by Aboriginal Australians to treat skin ailments, along with Kakadu Plum, the richest source of vitamin C known to man.

Combined with these we use the theraputic mineral magic of Dead Sea Mud and salt that has been famous since Roman times for their healing properties. Dead Sea Mud contains a truly extrordinary natural blend of minerals that soothe, revive, cleanse and invigorate your skin.

The Facts

The world’s first Carrot stem cell™ to age-proof the skin

Patented Delivery system (at the right time, right site and in the right quantity)

All products are clinically tested and totally free from harmful chemicals.

Our anti-aging range is suitable for all skin types.

♥ We are passionate about our precious environment as well as creating products that do no harm to the skin.

 97% of ingredients are either organically grown, or occur naturally.

 We do not test our products on animals.