Just one pimple can be reason enough to cancel social engagements.

Triggered by adolescent hormones and appearing on skin that is no longer baby-smooth, acne is a visible burden that can cause a multitude of issues, physical and psychological.And it‘s not only young people who are at risk. Acne follows a lot of people, particularly women, into adulthood. This can be particularly embarrassing given acne’s association with young. No matter what your age or the severity of acne, it has the potential to affect self esteem. A lot of people think their acne may not be severe enough for a specialist or they just put up with it. Today’s treatments are very effective and early treatment can minimize the risk of scarring.  Case StudyLisa is a client who for 20 years suffered cystic acne. She never left the house without makeup on, in fear someone would see her. She was also very emotionally scarred by the way she was perceived by the world as her face looked distorted by her large cysts. Such a sad journey for her but we are determined to help heal her both physically and emotionally

Since she has been with Montaser cosmeceuticals, the inflammation is subsiding and she is having less break outs. Her skin isn’t as sore to touch. She has so much more confidence and was amazed how she didn’t realise, it was her face holding her back, she turned up for her appointment with NO make up on.

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