Alopecia Areata

What is it?

Alopecia Areata is a medical condition in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out in round patches. (1)

What causes it?

Researchers believe that Alopecia Areata causes include genetics and environmental factors such as psychological stress and trauma, that trigger an over-reactive immune system. (2)

What does it look like?

The area of Alopecia is usually smooth, or may contain some unaffected white hairs, or hairs broken off close to the surface called “exclamation hairs”. The condition is non-scarring and therefore follicular openings remain undamaged. The hair pull test can indicate active disease (hair is pulled at the edge of hairless patches and if more than 6 hairs are pulled out, it is considered to be positive).

How is it treated?

Conventional treatment often includes corticosteroids, imunosuppressants and other medications.

Natural Approach

Alopecia Areata natural treatment focuses more on foods and supplements that support hair growth. Hair loss natural treatments come without the dangerous side effects of prescription creams and medications. Eating a healthy diet full of nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods is one of the most important parts of treating any autoimmune disease, including Alopecia Areata.

Replace packaged and processed foods with fresh, whole foods that provide the body with antioxidants. Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy green vegetables, beets, blueberries, nuts, seeds and spices including turmeric and ginger. (3) Zinc works as an alopecia areata natural treatment thanks to its ability to boost the immune system and repair the gut. Lower zinc levels are often linked to the condition. Foods high in zinc include pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, cashews and spinach. Also Ginseng can be used as a hair loss natural treatment. It helps reduce inflammation in the body while boosting the immune system. A 2012 study found that red ginseng was an effective and natural treatment for alopecia areata. (4)

How Montaser Carrot Stem Cell Helps Alopecia Areata

Stem cell has the ability to self-renew or multiply, meaning they can repair and replace tissue in                        the human body. The Stem Cell Hair Growth Factor from Montaser  reZULT hair serum is the ultimate breakthrough in hair loss treatment using Carrot Stem Cell Growth Factors to stimulate dormant hair cells and follicles to start producing hair again.

Montaser Carrot Stem Cell Growth Factors works by

  • Inhibiting DHT
  • Unblocking the follicle entrance
  • Opening the delivery channel for nutrients
  • Stimulating the dermal layer to prolong hair growth
  • Strengthening hair roots
  • Enhancing nutrient delivery to the stem cell

 Case Study

(Home care treatment for 12week)

Teadora is a 57-year-old female who described ongoing frustration with a region of limited hair growth on forehead, middle, back and side hairline. She expressed concern that it affected her overall appearance and despite repeated attempts to stimulate growth using Rogaine for a year, Chinese medicine for 2 years and she involved in clinical trial for six months, in conjunction with in clinical treatment of  LED light therapy and micro current machine , the region continued to display an inadequate coverage of hair. Other than the region of concern, Teadora reported no relevant medical history; she was not taking any medications and had no known allergies.

Teadora agreed to undertake a treatment protocol that involved daily application of Montaser reZULT serum with a dermal roller (0.5mm). She was instructed to massage the serum into the region   of concern such that she could feel pressure from the roller but not discomfort. The treatment protocol was carried out daily over the course of 12 weeks with no side effects or adverse events reported.

Follow-up examinations occurred every four weeks and results are shown below. At each follow-up, there was evidence of increased density of growth and thickness of hair. In particular, growth along the forehead, middle, side and back hairline increased significantly. Teadora was satisfied with the overall result and was confident that Montaser reZULT serum had been effecting in stimulating hair growth.


These results suggest that Montaser reZULT serum can be effective in stimulating hair growth in regions of the scalp that may include Alopecia Areata tissue.

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