A growing segment of Montaser partners are looking for clean beauty products –GREEN ingredients, claims, and labels continue to grow in prevalence and popularity.  With a positioning that sits between ethics and safety, the target for this claim is huge, even universal – since all consumers of cosmetics want and expect safe products.

We are at Montaser Cosmeceuticals identify our products as being “the beauty you want, minus the ingredients you don’t” which goes beyond GREEN and focuses on conscious and  smarter consumers  who respect the environment, monitor what they  use as many people today pay more attention to their well-being, but also to their impact on the planet, than ever before. In other words, Montaser’s consumer wants to take back the reigns of their beauty routine and put common sense and understanding into it.

Montaser Trend with a Future

Montaser Cosmeceutical is well positioned to meet both green and clean beauty movements. Many of our products are both CLEAN and GREEN, meeting the needs of both markets.

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