Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea has been famous since ancient times as Health Spa. It has also provided a source of ingredients for balms, medicines and even fertilizers for thousands of years. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote about its remarkable waters. And in Roman times the Dead Sea became the official health resort of Herod the Great.

To this day it remains a major centre for medical treatment and health research. Every Year, thousands of visitors with skin conditions and respiratory disorders still flock to the Palestinian city of Jerico to enjoy the healing properties of the Dead Sea.

Why is the Dead Sea unique?

The Dead Sea is almost nine times saltier than the world’s oceans. It contains a unique blend of minerals found in no other accessible place on earth. At 730 metres below sea level, it also lies at the bottom of the world’s lowest natural valley, where unusual magnetic fields have been discovered. The surrounding atmosphere has an exceptionally low concentration of pollens and other allergens.

What’s more, atmospheric pressure is higher around the Dead Sea than any other place on earth, while ultra violet radiation is low enough to allow sun bathing for prolonged periods without harm. When Dead Sea Mud is applied to the skin, people often notice a warm tingling sensation.

Why Is Dead Sea Mud so good for the skin?

Because of its value in treating skin conditions Montaser uses Dead Sea Mud in all its creams. Dead Sea mud contains a unique blend of 21 minerals. These nourish your skin cells and provide a natural moisturising effect. What’s more its fine grains act as a deep exfoliant and cleansing agent, dislodging toxins, impurities and excess oily secretions that harden over time.

Some minerals, which are vital for maintaining healthy skin, are contained in unusually high concentrations. Here are just a few of its ingredients:


Vital for cell metabolism, it’s also an effective anti allergen.


Regulates the body’s electrical processes and the nervous system.

Bromine Salts

Bromine Salts are known to have a soothing effect.


Increases the permeability of the skin and acts as a moisturizing agent.


Reinforces the cell membranes and helps cleanse the pores.


A natural anti inflammatory agent.


Vital in maintaining the correct acid / alkali (pH) balance of your skin.


Vital for cell metabolism.