*but We would say FOR ANY skin*

  • Get a water-based cleanser: Oil/balmy cleansers may clog your skin over time. They often still require a second cleanse with a water-based cleanser to remove the oil residue so, why don’t you use that one in the first place? No, you don’t need double oil cleansing. Trust us, you don’t put THAT MUCH makeup to need to remove it with all that. JUST water-based cleanser is enough. Over-washing your skin messes with its acid mantle, resulting in more acne, rosacea, inflammation, dermatitis – rash, itchy, reddened, sensitive skin down the road.
  • Avoid fragranced cleansers (fragrance, perfume, limonene, linalool, essential oils: citrus, methol, eucalyptus, tea tea, etc)
  • Be careful with cleansers with acids – they are very often too drying.
  • Look for pH balanced cleanser, the one close to skin natural pH (pH 4.5-5.5)
  • Don’t use soap on your face. It’s alkaline (often even close to pH of 10!). Your skin is acidic and needs to stay this way to thrive. Those ingredients are “sodium *-ate” (f.e. sodium cocoate, sodium laurate, sodium palmate)
  • Avoid SLS (Sodium LaurYL Sulfate). SLES (Sodium LaurETH Sulfate) is a MILDER surfactant and is OK. People often confuse those two and demonise both of them, when the second one is much gentler and can work well for oilier skin
  • You can still opt for ingredients ending in “succinate”, “glucoside” or “isethionate” among others, milder surfactants: f.e. coco glucoside, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoamphoacetate, cocamidopropyl betaine,sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, etc
  • Foam cleansers are often too drying for sensitive, drier skin. We would stay away from those in general – they’re just too stripping.
  • Oh and here also go all the scrub cleansers – those are not for everyday use (We would say those are honestly not for any use, at all). Creating micro-tears and damaging your skin barrier like that will only agitate the skin condition.
  • And makeup removing wipes – just no. They are often heavily fragranced and PACKED with preservatives to keep ‘em fresh (We LOVE preservatives, but they can be irritating in such high amounts when left on skin – and marketing convinced people that they DON’T need to wash off makeup wipes residue!*cringe*) If you use them – DO wash them off! (Right before you threw them into the bin
  • We love micellar solutions, but since we’re here, do wash them off as well. We don’t care that the packaging says otherwise
  • We will  finish with our ‘fave’ beauty-guru statement – “it left my skin squeaky clean! Just nope – ‘squeaky clean’ means depleted lipid barrier, which you DON’T want. We need those natural lipids to protect us


Remember different skin conditions require  different  cleansers , See the link below  for different Montaser cleansers target different skin issues

  • Essentials Cleanser for teenagers


  • Stem Cell Cleanser for anti ageing


  • 3-Enzyme Moist plus Cleanser (3 in 1) for barrier  damaged skin (acne, rosacea , eczema ..etc)