Dr Monty’s Blog

Our old family home in the holy city of Jerusalem

The journey of Montaser Cosmeceuticals has been incredible from its beginning. This week we have the honour to introduce to you Dr. Monty – the man behind the brand, and what motivated him to pursue “the fountain of youth” in an industry filled with promises for blemish-free, glowing and radiant skin.


Dr Monty’s Story:


It is amazing how much we learn about life as we grow up. More often than not, we don’t realise how useful and valuable everyday experiences are to us, but they will never leave us, especially if we are lucky enough to have a long-tested age-old wisdom and traditions passed on.



My mother was a wise woman and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for her and the wisdom she shared with me.  Whenever I was sick, she would say: “You don’t need to take medications, you just need to remove the toxins out of your body.” Years of studying, researching pharmacy and chemistry, it came to my realisation how right she was. There is no doubt that without chemicals invading our bodies, not only are we healthier but we also feel happier!



Unfortunately, today’s world is filled with toxins that find their way into our bodies from the environment, from everything we consume, including skincare products. Believe it or not – skin is the first place to reflect what is happening inside our bodies. These toxins are making us sick, and it is observable through our skins.



Remembering my mother’s deeply held belief that the body has the capacity to heal itself, I decided to tap into her wisdom and combine it with my passion for skin formulations I am determined to conquer my mission of understanding the science of the skin and how natural ingredients can restore its balance, as well as overall health.



Dead Sea Mud



My Palestinian father’s experiences also left a deep and meaningful impression on me and my career. Although he spent his life in exile, he never lost his unbreakable connection to his ancient homeland. I remember him regaling me with stories of some of his most cherished childhood memories swimming in the Dead Sea – a place considered one of the most sacred in the Holy land.



Long known to be therapeutic, the Dead Sea’s minerals are recognised globally for encouraging the natural restorative powers of the skin. The sea, the mud and even the plants that grow there are mineral-rich, unlike anywhere else in the world. My father’s stories of the healing power of this place as offered up over centuries, inspired me to create formulas using these Palestinian Dead Sea minerals.



Carrot Stem Cell



On the other hand, proud to be an Australian, I have always wanted to draw on the wealth of Australian indigenous herbs and essential oils that is a still greatly untapped medicinal resource. I also focus on looking at combining the natural resources of two ancient cultures as well the integration of Carrot Stem Cell.



By carefully selecting active ingredients and using sympathetic blending processes, I have created a new line of organic skincare products that meet the needs of today’s health conscious women. These scientifically proven formulas help to combat the signs of aging by treating unwanted conditions like wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and dark areas that form under the eyes.



The result has been an exceptional highly effective, revitalising and rejuvenating skin care line without the downside of any harmful chemicals, which are often found in other skincare products. Montaser is proud to be a product line without compromise, one that is entirely free of chemical derivatives.



As I continue to work on Montaser, I know that these are the products my mother would have proudly used and loved. When she passed away in 2007, I wanted to do something special that would honour her and make her proud. I feel I have achieved my mission and intend to do my best to live up to the name she chose for me – “Montaser”, which means responsibly successful.