The first step in treating pimples is

To stop touching, picking, scratching & popping pimples!

Easier said than done (been there) Here’s how picking is sabotaging your skin health:

Picking a pimple creates a wound. That’s not very scary you might say. It’ll leave some post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or redness behind. But that can go away in a few weeks (or months). Worst case scenario – it leaves a very visible scar.

Or you mess with it, bacteria spread into the surrounding tissue, inflammation blows out of proportion & you get a bigger cyst out the one you’ve just picked. That one for sure leaves a mark.

But look closely into the wound-healing process – after the inflammation & new tissue formation stages, in the re-modelling stage, especially when the scar is formed, collagen becomes arranged in UNIDIRECTIONAL layers, rather than in BASKET-WEAVE pattern as it usually does. Such formation makes the injured area way less resistant than it was before.

Conclusively, when you create wounds every time you pop a pimple, you get weaker & weaker skin in that area, even more prone to inflammation/sagging/scarring/aging.


– Remind yourself that if you pick now, the pimple will inflame & get worse than it was before. It will leave a scar or PIH/PIE that will last for months (compared to pimple lasting a few days/max weeks)⠀

– Get those fidget toys to keep your hands busy. Or look into hobbies that involve your hands – say, painting, to keep your hands & mind busy

– Make it a rule to keep an arm’s distance from the mirror – you can’t pick a pimple of you don’t see one

– REALITY CHECK: No one really looks at your face AS CLOSE as you look on your skin in that magnifying mirror, Karen (get rid of that magnifying mirror if you have one) Remember – facial hair, pores, few comedones now & then & sebaceous filaments ARE A NORMAL PART OF ANY SKIN⠀

– Cover pimples with makeup – out of sight, out of mind

– Keep your nails filed/manicured – if you happen to pick, the nail won’t be as sharp & might just cause less tissue damage

– Apply protective pimple cream


Monatser treatment plan for pimples

Topical Montaser Cosmeceuticals products are strongly recommended to treat pimples. In most cases these treatments are designed to affect the pimples component of infection, inflammation and oil secretion

  1. Enzyme Moist plus is a milder cleanser and exfoliater formula that’s specifically meant to reduce redness and irritation caused by the condition.
  2. Rejuvenating Vitamin B5 Serum is a water-soluble vitamin helps treat skin through anti-inflammatory mechanisms
  3. Organic Mud Mask helps fade out pimples and improve skin pigmentation